Front Desk and Operations Manager

Nicole has been working at Richmond Family Chiropractic since 2018. She is the airline controller for patient flow, scheduling, and correspondence for Richmond Family Chiropractic. She has experienced chiropractic first hand, and understands the values of wellness care and how it is important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. She promotes chiropractic care is a whole person versus just "sick care". Nicole has a bachelors degree business degree from Thomas College, and she has enjoyed her experience learning healthcare related business management. She enjoys boating, fishing, spending time with family and animals.


Office Manager

Lynda has been working in the chiropractic field for more than 20 years, most of which have been in the position of Office Manager here at Gardiner Family Chiropractic and Richmond Family Chiropractic. She was astonished to see how many people are taking and addicted to prescription painkillers. She advocates to help others be aware that there is a holistic approach they can take to deal with pain.


Billing Specialist

Jen handles the office's billing and insurance correspondence. She is excited to be helping the Richmond Family Chiropractic location in addition to her role at Gardiner Family Chiropractic (GFC).