Dr.Crystal Zagwyn-Harrison

Dr. Crystal Zagwyn-Harrison graduated from Hall-Dale High School and was very involved in tennis, dance, and chorus. Dr. Harrison finished her undergraduate education at the University of Maine in Orono with a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and piloted research on how blueberries affect glycemic index levels specially aiming to help the diabetic population. Next she entered Sherman College of Chiropractic College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. During her time at Sherman College, she did a radiology internship at the health clinic, became an Academy of Chiropractic Excellence intern able to coach other students on over 7 adjusting styles/techniques, and her externship was completed with Southeast Sports Chiropractic where she focused on athletic care, nutrition, and performance. Dr. Harrison graduated in 2012 with her Doctorate of Chiropractic, and received the Distinguished Service Award for her help in leading the college forward by participating with the Academic Affairs Committee, donating her time as a tour guide to prospective students, and for achieving all three internship titles as a chiropractic intern.

Dr. Harrison began practice in North Carolina. She fully enjoyed the home town clinic she started in Stanfield, NC for 4 years. She did many coverage jobs and worked with several chiropractic offices to help their marketing operations. Dr. Harrison did post graduate studies for the American Chiropractic Association's Council of Forensic Sciences and achieved her Diplomate in Forensics in 2017. This 350 hour program allows her to ensure patients are receiving evidence based care, and is able to perform second opinions, disability ratings, and testify in the legal system as an expert witness. In 2019, she became a Certified Medical Examiner able to provide DOT physicals and bus driver exams.

Dr. Harrison has spoken for the North Carolina Chiropractic Association, been invited to political appointments in Washington DC, helped pilot and instruct the clinical chiropractic assistant certification in NC, and is a big supporter for the community hosting several talks a year for non profit organizations.

Dr. Harrison is blessed with a wonderful family. She is the proud mother of two sons and the step mother of one son. Her time with them is very precious to her. Dr. Harrison and her family enjoy lots of outdoor activities, like spending time at the beach, camping, and playing in the snow, tennis, and baseball.

She is a member of the Maine Chiropractic Association, the American Chiropractic Association, the Secretary for the Council of Forensic Sciences.

Dr.Jennifer Johnson

Dr. Jennifer Johnson, a second-generation chiropractor, was born in Lewiston, Maine and graduated from Lewiston High School with honors. Her father, Dr. David Odiorne, practiced for many years in Lewiston and brought her up in the profession. Dr. Johnson began her undergraduate education at the University of Maine in Orono, concentrating on Biology and Zoology and finished at Cayuga College in Auburn, New York. From there she entered New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, New York, one of the first chiropractic colleges in the nation. During her time at NYCC, she did a radiology internship at a local hospital, learning more about all aspects of chiropractic and medical radiology, an interest of hers. Dr. Johnson did her clinical internship in Syracuse, New York, working with a large cross-section of that community, including college students, substance abuse patients, children, and the elderly. Dr. Johnson graduated cum laude in 2001 with her Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Dr. Johnson always knew she wanted to return to Maine to practice, and with this in mind, began an externship with Gardiner Family Chiropractic prior to her graduation from NYCC. She fully enjoyed the atmosphere, the patients, the staff, and the doctors, and was thrilled to be offered a position at the office. Dr. Johnson enjoys all facets of chiropractic, but her primary interest lies in helping children and pregnant women. In 2006, she began an intensive program through the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association to achieve Diplomate status in pediatrics and pregnancy. This is a 3-year, 360-hour program, consisting of classroom hours, research, independent study, and publication.

Dr. Johnson is also lucky to have a very supportive family. She is the proud mother of beautiful twins, a daughter, Riley, and a son, Garrett, born in 2003. They are the absolute lights of her life, and her time with them is very precious to her. The family shares their home with a Frank, a greyhound, Henry the cat, and Julien, a Russian tortoise. Dr. Johnson and her family enjoy lots of outdoor activities, like spending time at the beach, camping, and playing in the snow. They also enjoy traveling and plan to do much more of that in the future.

She is a member of the Maine Chiropractic Association, the American Chiropractic Association, the International Chiropractor's Association, the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and the Holistic Pediatric Association.

Dr.Rich Knipping

Dr. Rich Knipping is an excellent chiropractor with 18 years experience working with patients of all types and ages. He is from Winterport, Maine, and went to college in Massachusetts before going to New York Chiropractic College in upstate New York.

Dr. Rich has been an athlete virtually his whole life and is passionate about the human body being able to operate at its best. Chiropractic is a vital part of that, he points out, and so is fitness and nutrition. He is expert in all three areas. Dr. Rich is proficient in multiple adjusting techniques, ART (Active Resistive Technique), and NIMMO trigger point release work. He works with Kinesiotape as well. And he is a genuinely nice guy

When he's not in the office he's often at a gym. He is a competitive CrossFit athlete and coach, and a USA Weightlifting Performance Coach. He travels from Alaska to Newfoundland to participate in multi-day snowmobile adventure racing and is the 2010 champion of Cain's Quest in Labrador. He enjoys hiking, fishing, mountain biking and skiing as well. In his earlier days, he played baseball, football, and rugby.

His experience in sports has taught him the importance of never giving up. He brings that mantra to patient care, too, and is committed to doing whatever is needed to help each patient gain optimum results. He loves working with seniors and families and everyone in between.